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That's Awesome!

The words “amazing” and “awesome” have gotten hijacked by the world in recent years. It seems like every television commercial uses the word “amazing” to describe their product, their event, or their service. Most every conversation I have with someone under the age of 40, the word “awesome” or “amazing” are used multiple times. These words are so over-used that they don’t really describe what is truly amazing and awesome.


Don't Waste Your Mind

Do you know the phrase, “make up your mind?” Well, that is one of the key functions of the mind. The mind is where you sort through alternatives and make choices. And those choices are everything! So, your mind really is a terrible thing to waste!! This week, I want to give you eight choices you must make to develop a healthy mind.


The Perfect Pastor

Most of the Bible characters were not perfect either. Imagine if a search committee considered some of them for a pastoral position.


What Time Is It?

Asking what time it is might be the most important question we can ask as we embark on the third decade of the twenty-first century! What is happening around us? What does this mean for God’s Kingdom? How do we as Christians respond to these events? What does God want us to do in these times of change and turmoil? How do we handle all this?


T.V. Control

Since we are still in this COVID thing, we are watching more television than ever. So this is why I am writing about television. Here are ten suggestions on how you can manage your watching and how you can be in direct control (not remote control) of your television:


Psalms For The Heart

Since we will be studying the Old Testament book of Psalms this summer, I want to introduce you to the many facets of this marvelous book that God gave us: Psalms


Sovereign God

In this crazy life, God is in control


Ways To Be Kind

In 1 Corinthians 13:4, it says “love is kind.” People who are Christ-followers should practice kindness.


Beauty From Broken Things

Stevie Wonder is a living illustration of the wonders God can do withweaknesses. God can take broken things and make beauty. God can take problems and turn them into opportunities.


Add More Humor To Your Life. It Can Be Some Good Medicine

In these email chats I try to talk about things that will help you in your daily walk with God.  This week, I want to talk to you about the value and importance of humor.  In fact, I want you consider adding more humor and laughter to your life. 


In Difficult Times Trust The Lord

Suffering is hard, sometimes excruciating. But, to grow through hard times, you need to covenant with God.


How To Age Gracefully

Since we are all aging, I share ten lessons I am learning from God's word and from others who follow God's Word about aging gracefully.


Don't Forget God!

This is one of the sub-themes of the Old Testament. In Hosea 13:6, God says: "When I fed them, they were satisfied; when they were satisfied, they became proud; then they forgot me."


Power Over Boredom During Quarenteen

During this COVID-19 quarantine, several people have told me how bored they are. With the social distancing, isolation and self-quarantining, they say it is hard to find things to do. Well, I have a suggestion and it's not more TV!


Don't Surrender to Panic!

If you aspire to be a mature Christian, then we need to know how to handle our emotions with God’s help.  The best place to learn that is in God’s Word, the Bible.


Encouraging Words

How can we be sons and daughters of encouragement? From Barnabas's life, there are five actions we can take to encourage those around us


The Pendulum of Life

10 Important facts about Hope


The Spirit of Stupid

What are the qualities of this and how to spot it when it happens.

Memorize Scripture

Verses For Times of Trouble

Hot Dog Optimism

10 ingredients for developing spiritual optimism and joyous faith in your walk with God.

7 Stepping Stones

That God can use to bring His restoration and blessing into your life.


Why should a Christian concider Fasting? Here are a few reasons.


10 things that happen when you don't come to church.

Life Improvements

10 areas we can grow on and improve in our lives.

The Fragrance Of Christ

What it takes to have the fragrance of Christ.

The End Of Bitterness

10 ways to prevent and end bitterness in your soul.

The End Of Dissappointments

10 Important tools that will help you win over disappointments.

The Great Provider

10 Lessons to encourage you who are out-of-work.

Your Devotional Time With God

How to have a meaningful devotional time with God.

Wisdom From The Word Of God

10 results I have found from the Word.

30 Commitments To A Better Life

Here are my personal life plan to become closer to Christ.


I bring you good news of great joy!

The Baby That Changed The World!

How to live during Christmas

Don't Be Afraid

 The spiritual benefits of gratitude.

Christian Assets

When your assets can't be devalued in a market crash.

Why you need East Hills!

Why Go To Church?

5 reasons to consider.