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Join us on Sundays at 11:00 AM at 12000 Campus Drive Oakland, CA 94619 
Phone: (510) 531-7100 
Email: office@easthillschurch.com


Our History


Established in 1896

Previously known as Melrose Baptist Church, East Hills Community Church has now been in the Oakland Hills for over 35 years though our roots in Oakland stem back over 100 years.

We value devotion to God - the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit through heartfelt worship and prayer; the Bible as our only source for faith and practice, relationship - day to day living out the Gospel with one another; compassion - caring enough to reach outside our walls to make it possible for others to know God; and excellence - doing all we do as unto the Lord.

We are located on what was previously a 14 acre art deco estate and have been blessed with many great facilities not normally available at a standard church -- swimming pool, batting cages, trails, bay views and more. Come witness and be a part of the Lord at work in lives today. He cares for you and so do we.