East Hills Community Church of Oakland


Coffee Fellowship 10:30 

Service Time 11:00


It is our mission to:
  • Fulfill The Great Commission - By sharing with others the good news of a Savior!
  • Teach the Word of God - In a practical and relevant way because the Bible has the answers to all the questions of life.
  • Disciple People in the Faith - So that we all mature and grow strong as Christians.
  • Strengthen Families - in the everyday challenges of marriage, parenting, decision making, and living together with joy!
  • Encourage - One another in a world of competitive living where discouragement so often wins the day.
  • Show Compassion to All - So they get a taste of the incredible love of God that makes all the difference in the world.
  • Worship God with Joy - Because God is awesome and He is the only One worthy of our praise and worship.

It is our mission to please God in all that we do and help people make their lives all that God wants them to be!